As we’ve alluded to throughout this article, video ads in all formats (TV, CTV, OLV, Native & Social) have a massive impact on consumer behavior, brand credibility and business results. Video ads outclass static display ads in storytelling ability. They engage audiences more effectively, which is why marketers are investing hefty amounts in online video budgets.

Video ads can be expensive to produce, but there are ways to repurpose and reformat video ads to leverage them across multi-channel campaigns. A 30s TV spot can be trimmed down to a 15s CTV and OLV asset, which can be trimmed down to a 6-10s Facebook ad (with the right messaging as the focal point). TikTok ads can be produced on a small budget or no budget at all given the native format of content and the urgency to keep up with trends before they’re irrelevant. While production can be costly, we at Scale are determined to make the investment in video worth it – and, we can prove it. The beauty of digital video (and all digital media) is that it is highly measurable. We have the ability to track online and offline conversions (leads, transactions, phone calls, etc.) with pixel-based technology, including incrementality to prove out the ROI on production and media costs associated with different channels, platforms and even creatives.