The acceleration of how-to and review videos, largely led by Tiktok and its massive influence, has shed light that influencer marketing is and should be part of brands’ marketing strategies. Nearly 75% of US marketers will tap into influencer marketing in 2022, with that share expected to increase YoY into 2025:

There is a preconceived notion that influencer marketing can be expensive and should be reserved for large national brands. However, there is value in “local” or small influencers’ impact as well. When thinking about some of Scale’s more localized clients, a person who specializes in a particular industry (Home Renovation) or has a strong local following can have a far larger impact – for a smaller price tag – than a recognized celebrity on everyday consumers’ decision making. TikTok and other social platforms have made it possible to find influencers both large and small across all industries and niches through their creator and commerce programs. Especially on TikTok, creators can drive true impact and real results for brands as ad content created for TikTok in partnership with creators can drive 93% higher Engagement Rates.