Amanda Forde

Account Coordinator

Amanda Forde

What is your proudest moment?
So far, my proudest moment would be graduating college. I wanted to finish in four years, so I took 3 semesters of school in 2 semesters my senior year.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?
I am a certified scuba diver and take equestrian lessons

If you could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, where would you be?
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…
Relaxing and preparing for the week ahead

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?
I think very helpful, personable and easy to work with

What is on your bucket list?
Travel to more parts of Europe

What are you complimented on most in your work?
That I am a very good communicator and have a great work ethic

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