the making of a flooring giant



Total Brand Awareness

Organic Revenue Growth

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Luna was a small Chicago-based shop-at-home flooring company with $6m in annual revenue competing with a $600mm giant. The Challenge was to create a powerful regional flooring brand organically.


Recognized that Luna was Sales and Marketing company that just happened to sell flooring. Success was dependent upon efficient marketing expentitures. Buying the gas for the lead generation engine required surgical media buying driven by an understanding of the customer through first party data and research. Messaging had to be crafted as a solution the customers’ pain points with pin point targeting..

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Using a strategy of symphonic media planning and targeted media buying across relevant traditional and digital media, we surround the target with solution-based messaging throughout their day. We measured everything and optimized continually using advanced algorithms ensure we were buying more of what works and eliminating less efficient vehicles.


Luna grew organically to five markets and $80mm in revenue. While being outspent by 4 to 1 margin, Luna grew to be 30% larger than the largest competitor in its home market and ultimately eating market share from the leader in all markets. With Total Brand Awareness against target market of 73%, the Luna Jingle became part of societal fabric of Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee and Washington DC. Luna was acquired by its main competitor at an above-market valuation. DC

I had a very high degree of comfort given Scale’s principals (Morrie and Jason) built their former business with their own advertising dollars. I tend to be a harsh critic, especially with marketing as it one of my core competencies. They had already put their money where their mouth is, which is highly unusual in the marketing industry.
Matt Stock
CEO, U.S. Waterproofing