Analysis & Optimization

Fine Tuning Your Strategy

We’re never done

The most successful marketing plans start with understanding what levers to pull. Scale Marketing emerses itself in your data helping you turn your mountain of operational data — your KPIs and ROI metrics — into actional knowledge.

We know that a great marketing strategy begins with data. We’re media agnostic. Whether it’s programmatic buying or direct network or platform buys, the data should always lead the way to your target. Understanding our clients’ businesses as if it were our own helps us interpret the data and provides a guiding light to media that is hyper-targeted and allows us to negotiate effectively; all the while driving relevant creative and messaging.

With as much data as is available, it’s important that you work with a media buying agency that can interpret your data and turn it into actionable insights. We’re able to link site analytics with front end media buying data as well as backend KPIs to better understand what is working and, perhaps more importantly, what is not.

Greater analytical insight is powerful and should be the epicenter of all marketing campaigns. In the right hands, an understanding of the data and the skill to optimize with it, drives more volume and greater ROI. Doesn’t matter how sexy your media plan is. It’s not a great media plan until it moves your business forward.

Embrace iteration as the road to improvement, but don’t let that lull you into rolling out poorly-thought-out crap.

Kate O'Neill