Media Procurement


Has successful advertising ever been as fundamentally challenging as it is today? With the marketing and media landscape evolving daily, brands are being exposed to an extremely wide array of media influences.  With old and new media segmenting sliced into niches once never dreamed of, audiences are being paired down into even deeper categorical niches.  Technology cultivating platforms enabling 24/7, demanding, brand-consumer interaction.  More and more budgetary pressure on marketers to outdo their once revered predecessors…Oh and with less.  This realization is the exact reason Scale Marketing is modeled differently than any other agency — to give marketers that extension of time, knowledge, staff and resources they’ve always hoped for but never received through agencies with dated service offerings.   Amid the commotion, we see routes emerging. The right means to navigate past competitors. We can illuminate the path through change.  Follow us.

Traditional Media

Knowing how to pair traditional media platforms with new, rapidly evolving ones only comes with utmost experience and an ongoing devotion to education that never sleeps. Scale Marketing’s progressively-minded staff have the savvy and relationships to capitalize on each of the rapidly evolving traditional platforms in more advanced ways than many other national agencies would consider.

Television – from national to local broadcast, from regional cable to direct response and interactive TV

Radio – from network, spot, and local to satellite and internet radio

Print – from local/national magazines and newspapers to custom inserts and direct mail

Outdoor – from bus wraps and taxi cab tops to digital displays and  traditional billboards

Direct Mail – from promotional to conquest; big or small, exotic or personalized

Times may have changed but each of these ‘traditional’ media staples remain in Scale’s sandbox as a strong component of our client’s continually-evolving marketing campaigns.  As long as it can be measured, it should be considered.

Digital Media

Digital media expertise will enable your brand to engage in a conversational experience that many others have already learned and are taking heavy advantage of. Unilateral communication from brand-to-consumer is no longer the norm as digital platforms now make it easier than ever to listen to what your audience is saying in return. Literally.  Through our team of digital strategists, Scale develops and executes custom digital media plans that allow for communications and measurements in ways once only dreamed of.

Video/Audio Streaming

Video and audio streaming is perhaps the most important digital ecosphere to emerge in years.  With is ability to deliver laser focused, complex messaging, these channels should be embraced as a major element to your marketing mix.  But the landscape is littered with effective and equally ineffective paths.   Scale will help you understand what you need to know in this dynamic space.  From ad servers and exchanges to viewability and VAST TAGS not to mention the dizzying array of acronyms, Scale can guide you in the Now, Near and Next of streaming media and how it can be leveraged to meet your marketing objectives.

Email Marketing

Email is perhaps the most powerful digital tool available to marketers today.   And often the most overlooked.  Given the recent penetration of smart phone and the engagement minutes associated with email, it is both a low cost method of communication but more importantly a highly targeted and personalized nature of email means that the value of email marketing extends beyond the cost equation. Leverage Scales email marketing programs genrrate action on your latest promotion, generating feedback on or awareness of your content marketing and stay top mind with you customers and intenders.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Scale has been at the forefront of paid search since the birth of PPC. Our unique understanding of the PPC landscape as well as a focus on performance based commercial models make our campaigns self financing, scalable and entirely centered on achieving results for your business.  Check out Scale’s three models for paid search, Risk Free CPA Model, Management Fee Model and a Transition to CPA model.

Social Marketing

Scale loves the science of relationships. We’re all about helping brands build deeper connections through all social platforms, everywhere.   We create and build strategies for our clients.  We don’t just launch a Twitter or Facebook profile and hope the fans will come. We execute sustainable campaigns that play well with all of your existing media strategies.  Every social strategy should be as unique as your brand. We create customized programs that reflect your needs and deliver ROI. No smoke and mirrors. We educate our clients on all things social media so you know how your brand is being socialized.


“We believe in true partnerships, in accountability, in returning calls.  That repeat business is an earned privilege and not a right. We believe in building long-term relationships and building success.  We believe in creating more value than we capture.  We believe in measuring everything and that testing should be a norm.   We believe in disrupting; that a better solution can be found.”

Jason Pruismann, Partner