Mark Day


Prior to joining Scale, Mark was the Vice President of CBS Local Media where he spent 17 years helping businesses design, activate and optimize their cross platform marketing strategies. With responsibilities over all Digital, Broadcast, Play-by-Play and Event Marketing, Mark developed a unique media strategy perspective with insights from over 2,000 campaigns spanning 44 different industries. Marks is happily outnumbered and constantly on the go with his wife and two daughters.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Consumer Lifestyle Language Marketing: Going beyond traditional demographic modeling, C.L.L.M. explores the environmental, psychological and behavioral influences that inspire consumer purchases.  This modeling allows companies to reduce the cost of customer acquisition by improving the quality of the individuals reached during the campaign.
  • Media Architect: Development of media strategies that anticipate and leverage cross platform consumer experiences. 
  • Lead Generation and Conversion Modeling: Engineering media campaigns which maximize revenue growth while maintaining an acceptable cost per lead and cost per acquisition.
  • Value Engineer: Negotiating isn’t solely about finding the cheapest cost.  It’s a unique balance of finding the right advertising environment that will accomplish a company’s growth goals while maximizing the return on investment.
  • Media Platform Expertise: Digital (Video, Display, Audio, Social), Broadcast Radio, E-Mail Marketing, Sports Marketing, and Event Activation.

Media Shaper

Philosophy: Innovation is a fundamental. Not an action plan.