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Due Diligence Support

Scale works with teams to evaluate potential platform acquisitions. We establish a strategy to accelerate platforms, develop a plan for integrating and growing, and help position the go-forward value opportunity in selling the business. As a dedicated team of marketing experts, we understand the intricacies involved, and we can provide support to private equity firms engaged in acquisitions, ensuring that you have the necessary insights and strategies to maximize your investment opportunities.

We use data and analysis to evaluate potential.

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Customer Analysis

Scale reviews first-party data to understand how effectively businesses are targeting their most profitable customers and zip codes during the highest ROI times. We then help refocus media dollars where they can work harder and smarter.

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Media Audit

We review the economics of media contracts and determine how well they’re structured. At that point, we can renegotiate media contracts and receive more media weight for the same budget.

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Technology Audit

Scale gauges how well a company’s marketing technology and tools are set up, so we can identify issues and restructure campaigns to maximize growth and provide a competitive edge.

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Strategic Planning

We leverage decades of planning experience, competitive tools, and predictive ROI modeling processes.

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Creative Execution

Relevant, memorable creative is what builds a lasting brand.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media

We only use what works and find the mix of targeting and media that yields results.

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Media Planning & Buying

We negotiate and purchase TV, radio, cable, print, digital, outdoor and non-standard buys within our media mix.

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Analytics & Reporting

We communicate regularly about what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.

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Due Diligence Support

We analyze historic marketing performance to find efficiencies.

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