Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning


At Scale Marketing, you strategize and plan directly with media professionals who make your media investment as if it were their own money. Campaigns are executed with built-in flexibility so that buys can be adjusted on-point, on-the-fly and on-schedule.

By starting with your data and measuring everything, we do media planning right. We give clients the confidence to know that their media buys aren’t merely “spends,” but rather considered investments. By starting with your data and measuring everything, we do media buying right.

Media Buying


Scale Marketing plans nimbly but we negotiate fiercely while optimizing constantly. We help our clients meet their most pressing mandate: to do more with less, do it faster, and prove that it worked. Regardless of the medium (online, mobile, print, TV, radio, out-of-home, etc.), there are core media buying tactics that our team at Scale Marketing focuses on:


Direct Media Buying Relationships

Believe it or not, but media buying still requires constant communication with publications, websites and broadcast partners. Scale maintains positive media relationships, in all mediums and all markets, striving to obtain true win-win negotiations for our clients and partners.


Programmatic Media Buying

The term programmatic is an all-inclusive term for automated media buying, and although it began in the online world, it is now emerging in the offline world as well. We purchase inventory directly, including premier inventory; we re-target, behaviorally target, contextually target, etc …completely aligned with your goals and objectives.  Ask us how Scale Marketing’s investment in a seat at the programmatic trading desk cuts out the intermediaries and drives more dollars directly into media.


Search Marketing

Although paid search is seen as a complimentary player to most marketing strategies, Scale views it as a critical, standalone media position within the purchase funnel. It’s one of the few media environments that can test creative, find audiences, identify trends, measure brand and ultimately drive volume and revenue. As such, Scale has the best and brightest in-house staying on top of the ever-changing world of search. Make sure your media partner understands how media buys are influencing search results.

I tell other business owners, if you want media buying done right, by a truly dedicated team of professionals, you need to work with Scale Marketing. My Scale team knows the market, they’re innovative in their solutions, their impact on my business surpasses expectations. Nobody works harder or delivers more for EON Clinics than Scale. They truly go above and beyond.

Dr. Rajan Sharma

CEO, EON Clinics