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Digital Marketing & Social Media

Scale harnesses the power of technology and creativity to fuel your brand’s growth in the digital marketing landscape. We specialize in developing, executing, and optimizing comprehensive digital and social media plans that achieve your business objectives. By understanding our client’s business as if it were our own and utilizing data, we buy hyper-targeted media and negotiate effectively — all the while driving relevant creative and messaging.

Our digital approach works to drive optimum results.

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Tools & Targeting

In order to reach a highly-relevant audience and increase engagement, conversions, and business growth, Scale accesses thousands of first and third-party data sources for enhanced targeting. We use the most cutting-edge tools to access top inventory and streamline the buying process, cutting out hidden fees and making every dollar a working dollar.

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Human Expertise

Scale’s team has years of experience running major campaigns for clients across industries for some of the largest agencies in the U.S. We build digital and social strategies that resonate with the target audience. We know how to let the algorithms test and learn, but our secret sauce is providing hands-on optimization in real-time to take campaigns a step further.

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Data-Driven Optimization

A key advantage of digital and social media marketing is the ability to gather and analyze data in real time. Scale works to track, optimize, and refine based on performance. By continuously testing and optimizing elements like copy, targeting parameters, and creative, Scale improves campaign effectiveness, maximizes ROI, and achieves better results.

Our Services

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Strategic Planning

We leverage decades of planning experience, competitive tools, and predictive ROI modeling processes.

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Creative Execution

Relevant, memorable creative is what builds a lasting brand.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media

We only use what works and find the mix of targeting and media that yields results.

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Media Planning & Buying

We negotiate and purchase TV, radio, cable, print, digital, outdoor and non-standard buys within our media mix.

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Analytics & Reporting

We communicate regularly about what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.

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Due Diligence Support

We analyze historic marketing performance to find efficiencies.

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