Creative Services

Your Brand, Our Process

Like most activities at Scale, we have a methodical process rooted in data and research.   Creative is no different.   Relevant, memorable creative is what builds a lasting brand.  Whether it’s television, radio, online or print ads, professionally produced creative makes all the difference in the world.  We strive for quality worthy of our clients thoughtful media strategy with one goal in mind, drive customers to your business.

We follow 3 simple, yet important steps to communicate your brand’s Big Idea:


We listen to your stories, learn everything we can about your business and research the idustry and your customer so we can accurately define your audience, messaging, and purpose…the results drive our every creative decision

  • Deep dive into customer data
  • Customer segmentation
  • Demographic & psychographic analysis
  • Executive interviews
  • Qualitative & quantitative research
  • Customer surveys
  • Competitive research
  • Focus Groups
  • Align with Business Objectives


Using the research and data we collect, Scale will meticulously craft messaging that will resonate with your customers, elevate your brand, and ultimately drive leads.

We etablish a strong link between the message and the product or service, so that remembering the deliverable also means remembering your brand.

  • Develop& Refine a creative brief
  • Determine creative vision
  • Concept ‘big picture’ ideas
  • Create deliverables for all media channels
  • Collaborate with client to fine-tune deliverable

Creative without strategy is called ‘Art’.   Creative with strategy is called ‘Advertising’.

Jef I. Richards


In collaboration with you, we create relevant and memorable creative by using the latest technology and a carefully selected team of creative experts.

Because of our experience and resources, our production quality is consistently much greater than the dollar value spent on it.

  • Pre-production (casting, scouting, planning)
  • Production (shooting, recording, designing)
  • Post-production (graphics, animation, editing)
  • Finishing (color/sound, revisions, approvals)
  • Trafficking media
  • Launch (and celebrate)