Creative Services

You Have a Story to Tell

Relevant, memorable creative is what builds a lasting brand.  Whether it’s television, radio, online or print ads, professionally produced creative makes all the difference in the world.  We strive for quality worthy of our clients thoughtful media strategy with one goal in mind, drive customers to your business.

Our Approach

Unashamedly, we hire only the most passionate, insightful and grittiest to work for you. We’re tirelessly working to stay abreast of today’s dynamic marketing environment and leverage the creative muscle of the many.

Where creative is concerned, our virtual free-range model allows us to work with individuals and groups from all over the world creating our own super team. Tapping the right combinations of strategic and creative resources for each situation to deliver creative solutions that are both relevant and memorable is what sets our creative process apart.

This new and innovative approach to advertising turns the traditional brick and mortar agency of the past on its ear.  Clients are no longer limited to the thinking of a few in-house minds, but the global community of strategic, creative and marketing firepower that can change the way clients are perceived and received.

Broadcast Ready Commercials

We select the most talented team from around the world to craft our clients commercials from A to Z.

We start with pre-production including creative concepts, script writing, storyboards, location scouting, talent casting, wardrobe selection, crew selection, lighting & equipment selection and shot planning.  On the day of the shoot, our clients are joined by our Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Executive Producer, Art Director, Copy Writer, Assistant Director, Lighting Gaffer & Grip, Sound Technician, Script Supervisor and other caring crew members.  After the shoot (post-production) we begin editing, graphics (motion graphics and 3D/4D), sound mixing, color correcting/enhancing and trafficking to your media channels upon final approval.

We shoot our clients commercials with efficiency so we can stretch the budget as far as possible and save money wherever possible.  At Scale, we take pride in creating national quality ads on a local budget.

Behind The Scenes