Takeaway: Social Commerce is Larger Than Ever

The social commerce stats keep growing and have surpassed 100 million buyers as of 2022.

Where are consumers buying via social?
Facebook still makes up the largest share of social commerce at 61.9%, followed by Instagram at 40%. By no surprise, TikTok is climbing its way to the top – making up 23.1% of the share.

What does this mean for Scale Clients?
Moving forward (in 2023 and beyond), brands looking to generate more retail sales need to tap into these rapidly growing social commerce integrations to reach a highly engaged audience with tactics that are driving increasingly more revenue. eMarketer projects that social commerce will generate $80 billion in sales through 2025, meaning there’s potential revenue being left on the table without leveraging eCommerce tactics on social.

To learn more about social commerce offerings by platform, please read our Ecomm offerings POV.

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