2022 Takeaway: Consumer-First Approach Will Be Key

by | Nov 19, 2022

Consumers are more educated than they have ever been. With the span of the internet at our fingertips, consumers are digging beyond past reviews to look inside brands’ ethos. Consumers want to know what companies are doing for their community and the causes they support. While smaller in size (with less scrutiny over their establishment), this holds especially true for localized clients that cater to 1-to-a few communities/markets.

Consumer privacy is at the forefront of the evolving media landscape, from the beginning (targeting executions), to consumers taking action (why should they continue handing over their personal information), to the end measurement (understanding which media drove the best outcomes with limited tracking).

With the cookieless future around the corner (read Scale’s updated POV HERE), brands will need to not only position themselves as protectors of consumers’ rights but also set themselves up with the right tools to succeed and measure success.

Scale continues to evaluate tech partners on behalf of our clients on an ongoing basis to determine what those “right tools” are. It was this type of evaluation that led to our 2022 partnership with Viant, a DSP and reporting engine built for the cookieless future. This is the type of evaluation we continue to hold as we navigate incrementality and measurement of CTV and digital as a whole.

What can brand’s be doing on their end today?
Making sure there is an incentivized reason for consumers to fill out their personal information. This will look different for each client/industry, but for brands with “offer” messaging, it’s crucial to consider what makes this Promo better than others. Consumers are smart and are going to wait for the best deal, so why should they fill out a form now? Some brands “game-ify” their offer (i.e. spin the wheel for up to xx% off) while
others offer an additional xx% off to the current offer.

If your brand does not leverage promotional offers, there are other ways to add value to giving away personal consumer information and showing appreciation for their business in times of economic uncertainty. A few examples below:

  • Enter your email to win a $100 gift card when booking an appointment with us today
  • Enter your information below to be entered into our holiday sweepstakes

If offers and promotions do not fit your business model, another way to build brand credibility and influence consumers into becoming loyal customers is tapping into influencer marketing.

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