Takeaway: Streaming Eclipses Linear

Streaming eclipsed linear for the first time ever.

In July, Nielsen announced that for the first time ever, streaming services surpassed both broadcast and cable.

● Streaming made up 34.8% of all viewing time, just slightly higher than cable, but well above broadcast at 21.6%
● The percentage of Non-Pay TV households will continue to see a steady increase YoY projected into 2026:

From 2020 to 2021, A35-54 Cord cutters increased 150% along with A55+ increasing at the same rate. These numbers have only increased in 2022 as stated above streaming has surpassed both broadcast and cable.

What does this mean for Scale’s clients and our client’s clients? It means this shift to streaming is being seen and felt by all demographics, not just millennials, and our media mix will have to continue to diversify to speak to current customers, and accelerate continuous growth. CTV and streaming are no longer channels that can be ignored and will be crucial to reaching new customers in the years to come.

But aren’t CPMs on CTV high? Yes, but we view this as an opportunity to take advantage of highly targeted media. We can speak to potential customers in your most profitable zips, all while excluding existing customers to make the CPM more than worthwhile. There are other ways to offset the cost of CPMs, such as leveraging online video as a supplement or tapping into video placements on social for mass reach at a much more efficient CPM.

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