What Happened

YouTube ad campaigns now have the ability to optimize for a target frequency.

Previously, you set a frequency cap (telling Google not to exceed said amount of impressions per user over a specific time frame), but you’d still optimize towards a CPM, CPV, conversion volume or conversion value goal.

Now (much like target impression share in search), you can tell Google explicitly the weekly frequency you wish to achieve. Currently, you have the option to choose two, three, or four impressions per week as the goal.

Why it Matters

In Scale’s opinion, this new feature is best tested (initially) against other campaigns optimizing for top-of-funnel objectives, such as brand awareness, recall, & lift. As it currently stands, Google doesn’t support remarketing or custom audiences for this campaign type, which cancel out any bottom-funnel experiments.

To read up more about Google’s new feature, which includes best practices for setup & optimization, FAQs & more, check out this article.